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30 Most Viewed Emojis

Name Codepoint
Backhand Index Pointing Up Backhand I...
U+1F446 More
Cat with Tears of Joy Cat with T...
U+1F639 More
Rescue Worker’s Helmet Rescue Wor...
U+26D1 ... More
Woman’s Clothes Woman’s ...
U+1F45A More
Seven O’Clock Seven O’...
U+1F556 More
Eleven O’Clock Eleven O...
U+1F55A More
Grinning Face Grinning Face
U+1F600 More
Man’s Shoe Man’s Shoe
U+1F45E More
Japanese “Discount” Button Japanese ...
U+1F239 More
Japanese “Acceptable” Button Japanese ...
U+1F251 More
Japanese “Congratulations” Button Japanese ...
U+3297 ... More
Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Grinning F...
U+1F604 More
Japanese “Free of Charge” Button Japanese ...
U+1F21A More
Nine O’Clock Nine O’C...
U+1F558 More
Japanese “Not Free of Charge” Button Japanese ...
U+1F236 More
Japanese “Application” Button Japanese ...
U+1F238 More
Woman’s Boot Woman’s ...
U+1F462 More
Woman’s Hat Woman’s Hat
U+1F452 More
Japanese “Reserved” Button Japanese ...
U+1F22F More
Six O’Clock Six O’Clock
U+1F555 More
Japanese “Service Charge” Button Japanese ...
U+1F202 ... More
Japanese “Prohibited” Button Japanese ...
U+1F232 More
Japanese “Open for Business” Button Japanese ...
U+1F23A More
Japanese “No Vacancy” Button Japanese ...
U+1F235 More
Japanese “Monthly Amount” Button Japanese ...
U+1F237 ... More
Japanese “Bargain” Button Japanese ...
U+1F250 More
Men’s Room Men’s Room
U+1F6B9 More
Japanese “Here” Button Japanese ...
U+1F201 More
Japanese “Passing Grade” Button Japanese ...
U+1F234 More
Three O’Clock Three O’...
U+1F552 More