Category Symbols

Name Codepoint
White Flower White Flower
U+1F4AE More
Barber Pole Barber Pole
U+1F488 More
Postal Horn Postal Horn
U+1F4EF More
Potable Water Potable Water
U+1F6B0 More
Heart with Arrow Heart with...
U+1F498 More
Heart with Ribbon Heart with...
U+1F49D More
Sparkling Heart Sparkling ...
U+1F496 More
Growing Heart Growing Heart
U+1F497 More
Beating Heart Beating Heart
U+1F493 More
Revolving Hearts Revolving ...
U+1F49E More
Two Hearts Two Hearts
U+1F495 More
Heart Decoration Heart Deco...
U+1F49F More
Heart Exclamation Heart Excl...
U+2763 More
Broken Heart Broken Heart
U+1F494 More
Red Heart Red Heart
U+2764 More
Orange Heart Orange Heart
U+1F9E1 More
Yellow Heart Yellow Heart
U+1F49B More
Green Heart Green Heart
U+1F49A More
Blue Heart Blue Heart
U+1F499 More
Purple Heart Purple Heart
U+1F49C More
Black Heart Black Heart
U+1F5A4 More
Hundred Points Hundred Po...
U+1F4AF More
Anger Symbol Anger Symbol
U+1F4A2 More
Speech Balloon Speech Bal...
U+1F4AC More
Eye in Speech Bubble Eye in Spe...
U+1F441 More
Right Anger Bubble Right Ange...
U+1F5EF More
Thought Balloon Thought Ba...
U+1F4AD More
Zzz Zzz
U+1F4A4 More
Hot Springs Hot Springs
U+2668 More
Stop Sign Stop Sign
U+1F6D1 More