The list bellow diplay all emojis included in Emoji 1.0.

Emoji 1.0

Name Codepoint
Grinning Face Grinning Face
U+1F600 More
Grinning Face With Big Eyes Grinning F...
U+1F603 More
Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Grinning F...
U+1F604 More
Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes Beaming Fa...
U+1F601 More
Grinning Squinting Face Grinning S...
U+1F606 More
Grinning Face With Sweat Grinning F...
U+1F605 More
Face With Tears of Joy Face With ...
U+1F602 More
Slightly Smiling Face Slightly S...
U+1F642 More
Upside-Down Face Upside-Dow...
U+1F643 More
Winking Face Winking Face
U+1F609 More
Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Smiling Fa...
U+1F60A More
Smiling Face With Halo Smiling Fa...
U+1F607 More
Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Smiling Fa...
U+1F60D More
Face Blowing a Kiss Face Blowi...
U+1F618 More
Kissing Face Kissing Face
U+1F617 More
Smiling Face Smiling Face
U+263A More
Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Kissing Fa...
U+1F61A More
Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes Kissing Fa...
U+1F619 More
Face Savoring Food Face Savor...
U+1F60B More
Face With Tongue Face With ...
U+1F61B More
Winking Face With Tongue Winking Fa...
U+1F61C More
Squinting Face With Tongue Squinting ...
U+1F61D More
Money-Mouth Face Money-Mout...
U+1F911 More
Hugging Face Hugging Face
U+1F917 More
Thinking Face Thinking Face
U+1F914 More
Zipper-Mouth Face Zipper-Mou...
U+1F910 More
Neutral Face Neutral Face
U+1F610 More
Expressionless Face Expression...
U+1F611 More
Face Without Mouth Face Witho...
U+1F636 More
Smirking Face Smirking Face
U+1F60F More