The list bellow diplay all emojis added in Unicode 4.1.

Unicode 4.1

Name Codepoint
Shamrock Shamrock
U+2618 More
Anchor Anchor
U+2693 More
Hammer and Pick Hammer and...
U+2692 More
Crossed Swords Crossed Sw...
U+2694 More
Gear Gear
U+2699 More
Balance Scale Balance Scale
U+2696 More
Alembic Alembic
U+2697 More
Coffin Coffin
U+26B0 More
Funeral Urn Funeral Urn
U+26B1 More
Wheelchair Symbol Wheelchair...
U+267F More
Atom Symbol Atom Symbol
U+269B More
Infinity Infinity
U+267E More
Black Circle Black Circle
U+26AB More
White Circle White Circle
U+26AA More
Transgender Symbol Transgende...
U+26A7 More
Medical Symbol Medical Sy...
U+2695 More
Fleur-de-lis Fleur-de-lis
U+269C More
Doubled Male Sign Doubled Ma...
U+26A3 More
Horizontal Male with Stroke Sign Horizontal...
U+26A9 More
Marriage Symbol Marriage S...
U+26AD More
Flower Flower
U+2698 More
Vertical Male with Stroke Sign Vertical M...
U+26A8 More
Interlocked Female and Male Sign Interlocke...
U+26A4 More
Medium Small White Circle Medium Sma...
U+26AC More
Doubled Female Sign Doubled Fe...
U+26A2 More
Unmarried Partnership Symbol Unmarried ...
U+26AF More
Male with Stroke Sign Male with ...
U+26A6 More
Staff of Hermes Staff of H...
U+269A More
Male and Female Sign Male and F...
U+26A5 More
Divorce Symbol Divorce Sy...
U+26AE More