Unicode 7.0

Name Codepoint
Slightly Smiling Face Slightly S...
U+1F642 More
Slightly Frowning Face Slightly F...
U+1F641 More
Hand with Fingers Splayed Hand with ...
U+1F590 More
Vulcan Salute Vulcan Salute
U+1F596 More
Middle Finger Middle Finger
U+1F595 More
Eye Eye
U+1F441 More
Detective Detective
U+1F575 More
Person in Suit Levitating Person in ...
U+1F574 More
Speaking Head Speaking Head
U+1F5E3 More
Sunglasses Sunglasses
U+1F576 More
Chipmunk Chipmunk
U+1F43F More
Dove Dove
U+1F54A More
Spider Spider
U+1F577 More
Spider Web Spider Web
U+1F578 More
Rosette Rosette
U+1F3F5 More
Sun Behind Small Cloud Sun Behind...
U+1F324 More
Sun Behind Large Cloud Sun Behind...
U+1F325 More
Sun Behind Rain Cloud Sun Behind...
U+1F326 More
Cloud with Rain Cloud with...
U+1F327 More
Cloud with Snow Cloud with...
U+1F328 More
Cloud with Lightning Cloud with...
U+1F329 More
Tornado Tornado
U+1F32A More
Fog Fog
U+1F32B More
Wind Face Wind Face
U+1F32C More
Hot Pepper Hot Pepper
U+1F336 More
Fork and Knife with Plate Fork and K...
U+1F37D More
Person Golfing Person Gol...
U+1F3CC More
Person Lifting Weights Person Lif...
U+1F3CB More
Reminder Ribbon Reminder R...
U+1F397 More
Admission Tickets Admission ...
U+1F39F More